Things to do in Somerset New Jersey include spending time outdoors and hiking

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and it’s no longer unbearable to spend time outdoors – it’s officially springtime! After spending all winter cooped up at home, you’re probably ready for some new, engaging experiences to enjoy. Luckily, the Somerset, New Jersey area is bustling with new opportunities and activities for you to safely try.

7 Activities to Do in Somerset, New Jersey

If you want new, safe and engaging ways to spend your afternoon in Somerset County, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Here are a few different activities to do in Somerset, New Jersey this spring:

1. Visit Colonial Park.

Colonial Park is bustling with activities, sights and ways to spend the day with loved ones. When you visit this 685.5-acre park, you can hike trails, go fishing, play golf and tennis, ride in a paddle boat and more. You will also find an arboretum, sensory garden and dog park all right in one location.

2. Spend the Day in Downtown Somerville.

With delicious restaurants, a wide variety of stores and a calendar full of special events, you’re sure to enjoy your trip to Downtown Somerville. Spend an afternoon trying a new restaurant for lunch and explore the local shops with friends – just remember to continue social distancing and wearing a mask for your safety and the safety of others!

3. Schedule a Private Tour at Beyond the Plate.

You can sample delicious cuisine from a variety of restaurants during a private food tour with your friends or family members at Beyond the Plate in Downtown Somerville. During your food tour, you will get the opportunity to visit four different eateries, learn about food and drink pairings, and even meet the Chefs. The tour takes a leisurely pace, and transportation arrangements to and from each restaurant can be arranged, if needed.

4. Plan a Visit to the Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary.

Located in the Basking Ridge area, the Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 276 acres of woodland, field and floodplain habitat and over 200 species of wildlife. There are plenty of marked walking trails and bird watching opportunities beginning in March. There is also a multitude of virtual learning opportunities for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

5. Delicious Heights Outpost.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty plate of pasta, a fresh salad or simply a drink with friends, you can find something to satisfy your tastebuds at Delicious Heights Outpost in Basking Ridge. This local gem is open Wednesday through Sunday, and will reopen seven days a week starting April 5.

6. Take a Trip to the Rudolf W. Van Der Goot Rose Garden.

The spring is one of the best times to visit this rose garden and see all of the beautiful new blooms. You can take in the sights and smells of more than 3,000 roses of 325 varieties. The garden season begins in late March and is the perfect way to start the new season.

7. Take in the View at Rutgers Gardens.

Switch from your winter coat to a light wind breaker jacket and spend the afternoon at Rutgers Gardens. You can visit by yourself, with loved ones or even take the grandkids for an afternoon full of scenic walking trails, beautiful wildlife and bird watching.

Fellowship Village Helps Keep Residents Engaged and Active

Located in the bustling area of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Fellowship Village is just minutes away from a multitude of new, engaging opportunities for residents to experience. You will have the ability to take in new experiences and create new memories all around the Somerset County area.

Fellowship Village has partnerships throughout our community and state to make a great place for our residents to learn, grow and share. Some of our partnerships include the YMCA of Somerset Hills, where they lead exercise classes and water aerobics on our campus. Our residents also can get involved with local schools for intergenerational learning opportunities and much more.

Contact us today at 908-580-3800 to learn more about our senior living options, learning opportunities and active lifestyle residents enjoy.