Home Modifications for Aging Fellowship Senior Living

Stay in your home longer with these home remodeling tips

In response to seniors’ growing desire to remain in their homes, it becomes important that the home remain a comforting and safe place to age in place.  The two tasks that can help achieve this are downsizing in place, and some do-it-yourself home modifications.

Working to downsize in the current home allows you to take some time to be thoughtful about the process without the pressure of an impending move. Start by evaluating where you currently spend most of your time in your home.  Most older adults find themselves spending their time in the kitchen, family room and bedroom. Having this information provides you with a plan of action as to the other areas of the home that you can begin working.

Involve family when you can, and take the time to evaluate and reminisce.  Which belongings mean the most and might provide memories to be carried on by others in your family?  It also provides the opportunity to remove any clutter that exists and even rearrange furniture!

Once you’ve evaluated the space you’re using and have done some downsizing-in-place, you can now focus on some important home modifications.  Embarking on large scale renovations are not necessary and likely not cost-effective, however there are also some very easy do-it-yourself projects one can do to ensure the home is hospitable for older adults.

Consumer Affairs takes a look at Eight Aging-in-place Home Modifications for Seniors and highlights some popular things to do to make your or your parent’s home idea for the coming years.

Jennifer Kohan is the Director of Membership Development of Fellowship Freedom Plans for Fellowship Senior Living. Fellowship Freedom Plans are designed to help you stay in your home. Combining the financial protection of long-term care insurance with comprehensive care coordination, up to and including 24/7 care. Jennifer can be reached at 908.580.3886 or JKohan@FellowshipSL.org.