Contributed by Rafael (Ralph) Ortegga-Maggi, Fellowship Village resident since 2013.

The what, when, how, WHY, etc … of a Life Plan Community.
Note: This type of community is also referred to as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

In one word: CHOICE.

My decision to come to a Life Plan Community was based on the multiplicity of choices offered by the lifestyle. This type of community allows an older adult or retiree to continue life as before, minus most of the time consuming tasks of remaining in one’s house or apartment. These tasks are not a secret: House maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, painting, etc … food shopping, cooking three meals a day, cleaning, tracking and paying bills.

Free of these tasks, the Life Plan Community lifestyle allows more time to engage in those things we all worked for SOOO many years.

The residents of Fellowship Village enjoy more time to fulfill personal choices. We can travel, engage in hobbies, volunteer, read, pursue projects long postponed, keep up with family; whatever we choose to do, when we choose to do it. Additionally, Fellowships Village offers residents a variety of trips to choose from; these are to events, places of interest, cultural sites, etc., mostly nearby, others involving short trips. Depending on your occupation, continuing your employment can also be one of your choices in a Life Plan Community.

At the Village, we have a very active Resident Association, made up of an elected Resident’s Council and related Volunteer Committees interfacing, in an advisory capacity with the various departments in coordinating the activities and operations that make up the functioning of the community.

Additionally, everyone is welcome to participate in the many existing recreational activities such as table games, arts and crafts, theater, swimming, etc. or bring new ones for consideration.

Fellowship Village provides convenient on-site parking, including optional carports, for personal vehicles. An amenity provided is a transportation option that allows residents the to remain as independent as they wish, and as their abilities allow.

An additional benefit is the opportunity for making new friends. An expanded social life is right outside the door, to engage in or not, just as often or not, as a person chooses.

One additional thought. Wherever we choose to live, as our lives progress, interests, abilities, capabilities will inevitably change. At that point, a Life Plan Community provides a path available and ready for all residents to proceed in, with life. The road is from Independent Living, the most common entry status, to Assisted Living, to Skilled Nursing Care, plus comprehensive Rehab and Wellness services as needed. And should it become necessary, choices at Fellowship Village also include Memory Care and Hospice services.

Fellowship Village was a natural choice as Basking Ridge has been my home since 1976. Also, I knew the community well as I am second generation; my mother having been a resident from 1996 to 2009.