Senior woman enjoys following along with easy exercises to do at home

Between the snow and cold temperatures of the winter season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, conditions are certainly less than ideal for outdoor exercise and trips to your local gym. This means that until warmer weather arrives, you’ll be stuck in your home more often than you may like. Fortunately, exercising in your home can help you alleviate any restlessness you’re feeling.

There are many ways you can still exercise from home this winter to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and to keep yourself safe. From virtual yoga to online balance classes, there’s an exercise to meet your every goal and skill level.

3 Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

If icy walkways and blistery winds are keeping you from getting your daily steps in, don’t sweat it. Yoga, balance exercises and strength and conditioning workouts offer the physical activity you need to stay fit and healthy.


Yoga is one of the simpler, more diverse exercises to do at home. It offers a wide variety of workouts you can do, no matter if you’re a first-day beginner or an expert who has been practicing yoga for years. Yoga is a great exercise choice because of all of the health benefits associated with it. Yoga has been shown to help improve strength, balance and flexibility, relieve back pain, aid stress management and boost your daily mood.

Balance Exercises

The great part about balance exercises is that you can do them right from the comfort of your own home and most exercises are fairly simple to follow. In fact, there are free YouTube balance workouts you can participate in right from your living room. Balance exercises have been shown to improve your physical stability and coordination, strengthen your bones and improve your brain function. When you regularly partake in balance exercises, you are also helping to reduce your risk of experiencing a fall.

Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Strength and conditioning exercises, such as squats, wall push-ups and lying hip bridges, are imperative to feeling healthier and more energetic. When you include strength and conditioning classes in your normal routine, you’re helping your body maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. Exercises focused on muscle strengthening can help improve your ability to perform your daily tasks and reduce your risk of falls.

Stay Active with BRAVO Wellness at Fellowship Village

At Fellowship Village, we know that in order to truly be well, you have to stay active year-round. Our approach to helping seniors achieve an overall state of wellbeing encompasses all seven dimensions of wellness and is offered to residents of both Fellowship Village and members of the Fellowship Freedom Plans.

Our BRAVO Wellness program is personalized completely to you and your unique wellness needs. The first step of the program is to simply meet with your own personal wellness coach who will then work with you to assess your needs and design a plan customized to your lifestyle.

For example, if you enjoy doing yoga, BRAVO Wellness programming offers in-person and virtual yoga and meditation classes for you to participate in throughout the week. Balance and strength training classes like, Let’s Have a Ball with Balance Class and Strength and Conditioning Exercise Class, are also available for residents and members of all fitness levels. No matter what your interests and physical activity goals are, your wellness coach will help you find exercises and activities that work for you.

“Whether you are new to exercise or would like to update your current fitness plan, the Wellness Team at Fellowship is here to help you maintain an active healthy lifestyle,” said Carole Clausen, Personal Trainer at Fellowship Village.

Our team at Fellowship Village understands the importance of staying active even while at home, which is why we offer the option to live stream our Wellness Programs and Virtual Training. Through this streaming option, you will have the ability to attend a class with a group or sign up for individual training.

Fellowship Senior Living Helps You Stay Active and Healthy

At Fellowship Senior Living, we strive to make it easy for residents to maintain their active routines while staying home and practicing safety precautions. With our BRAVO Wellness program and virtual fitness options, you will have an ample number of ways to stay active and healthy.

Contact us at 908-580-3880 to learn more about our wellness programming and active community lifestyle.