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When the time comes for you to make the move into a senior living community, you may not exactly be excited at the thought of leaving your current long-term home. At Fellowship Senior Living, we know that moving into an unfamiliar place can be difficult and can cause you to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

We understand that when you move into a senior living community, it’s important for your residence to truly feel like home. That’s why we offer a design center that allows residents to personally customize their homes however they see fit. From downsizing to offering customizable home options, Fellowship Senior Living can help ease your transition into the next chapter of your life.

How to Properly Downsize Your Home

Downsizing your home and selling it can seem like an overwhelming, time-consuming task. At Fellowship Senior Living, we understand how emotional it can be to attempt to downsize your home, and that’s why we provide downsizing specialists to help ease the process. Our specialists work with you to sort through and organize your items and help you with the entire downsizing process.

“Our specialists will be there to answer questions for seniors that are in their homes feeling overwhelmed with boxes and the downsizing process. That’s part of our package when people move in, these services are always offered to them,” said Nick Bottaro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fellowship Senior Living.

The main goal of our specialists is to simplify, de-stress and serve as advisors for the residents who aren’t sure where to start in terms of downsizing their homes.

“Many residents have told us how much easier the downsizing process was due to our specialists helping them and how much less stress they experienced during the move in process,” said Nick.

Our team provides empathetic, dedicated care and advice to all incoming residents to help them move on to the next chapter of their lives at Fellowship Senior Living. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and excited about finding your new home within our community.

Customize Your Home at Fellowship Senior Living

At Fellowship Senior Living, we provide you with a variety of ways you can customize your home. Our design center gives you the flexibility to really make our community your home.

Whether you want a standard residence that’s move in-ready or you’re interested in completely renovating your personal space – we provide you the freedom to design and customize your space to your liking.

“Our design center is mainly for incoming residents who are selling their home and getting ready to move into Fellowship Village. It’s a place where they can come in and meet with our sales team and review every option, from paint color to carpet style to bathroom fixtures and tiles,” said Nick.

You deserve to feel comfortable and at ease in your own space, which is why we’ve worked hard to give residents the opportunity to customize their residence as little or as much as they would like. In addition to offering customization options to newly incoming residents, we offer a home refreshes to all existing residents. If your design tastes change, we give you the opportunity to make updates to your home, just like you would if you were remodeling your old house.

“Every seven years we do a free refresh for all existing residents where we provide things like new carpeting, we replace any fixtures that might be outdated or damaged and we invite existing residents to come into the design center to customize their items,” said Nick.

To further personalize the design process, our design center offers a variety of different packages for you to review to select the perfect fit for your needs. We have standard, premium and platinum packages available for residents to choose from.

“With our different packages, we try to make it easy for residents. For instance, with our standard package, the incoming resident would pay absolutely no cost,” said Nick. “The standard package is our largest one and comes with options like 20+ different styles of carpet and five different styles of cabinetry color to select from.”

Flexible Customization Options for Residents of Fellowship Village

Our premium and platinum packages offer even more levels of customization for residents looking to go into more detail when customizing their homes. For example, additional options like closet organizers, smart thermostats and heated floors in the bathroom are all available at additional cost. Or, if you aren’t in a rush to move in immediately, we can work with you on larger remodels if you want an open kitchen design or simply want to do more with the space available.

With our different package options and vast number of items available for customization, you will truly be able to make a comfortable, personalized home for yourself within our community.

Transform Your Residence into a Home You’ll Love at Fellowship Senior Living

At Fellowship Senior Living, you’ll always have the ability to customize your living space and live an active, independent lifestyle. Our independent living options offer first-class services and activities to provide you with an engaging, stimulating senior living experience.

Contact us today at 908-580-3840 to learn more about our design center and the countless ways you can customize your living experience at Fellowship Senior Living.