A senior woman uses an exercise ball during physical therapy at home

Contributed by Carole Clausen, Personal Trainer, Fellowship Senior Living

If you have recently been discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center or received home care from a visiting nurse, you may benefit from receiving continued private therapy services in the comfort of your own home.

Therapy at Home, a program offered by the Fellowship Senior Living rehab and wellness team based at Fellowship Village, offers comprehensive therapeutic choices that enable older adults to continue the rehabilitation process conveniently and comfortably.

In-Home Rehab Therapy Services Available

Our Therapy at Home program provides individualized therapy designed specifically for your functional needs at home. Our highly trained therapists are available to help with a variety of services, including:

  • Home safety assessments
  • Pain management
  • Balance and fall prevention
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Memory impairment
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance

If you’re looking to speed up your recovery after an illness, injury or surgery, the following senior rehabilitation therapies are available:

1. In-home physical therapy – Physical therapy has been proven to be an effective part of a person’s recovery, especially after a hospital stay or a fall. Physical therapy also provides benefits for balance, endurance and strength – all of which can help seniors stay active and healthy for longer.

2. Speech therapy at home – Speech therapy helps with difficulty swallowing and issues with speaking. Additionally, some speech therapists recommend breathing exercises that have been helpful with respiratory issues and improving vocal function.

3. Occupational therapy for seniors – Occupational therapy is a customized blend of mental, physical and psychological exercises to help seniors perform every day activities like driving, walking and eating. Occupational therapists also work to increase your range of motion to help improve your mobility.

What are the Benefits of Therapy at Home?

There’s just no place like home when it comes to recovering from a hospital stay or injury. There are countless benefits to choosing to recuperate at home.

First, a relaxed home environment fosters a special relationship with your therapist and supports your rehabilitative advancement. The plan of care developed specifically to address your unique lifestyle helps you regain your independence with daily activities and return to doing the things you enjoy.

Home therapy also encourages your family members to be closely involved in your rehabilitation. If needed, therapists can give family or professional caregivers guidance and training that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

Finally, for your convenience, home therapy eliminates the burden of coordinating transportation to and from a rehab center several times a week.

Find Home Rehab Therapy at Fellowship Senior Living

The Fellowship Senior Living rehab and wellness team also offers comprehensive outpatient rehab services at Fellowship Village. If prescribed by a physician, outpatient rehab and home therapy may be covered under Medicare Part B. Check with your insurance carrier for complete coverage details, as plans vary.

We’re here to help you recover and get back to the vibrant lifestyle you love. For more information about Therapy At Home, please call us at 908-580-3880 to get started today.