dining room at fellowship village

When you think about what you want from a dining experience, delicious food and refreshing drinks probably come to mind first. But at Fellowship Senior Living, our dining experience is about so much more than just the food you consume. We pride ourselves on offering residents a welcoming atmosphere and unforgettable experience when they dine with us in our five-star dining venues.

Our Senior Living Dining Experience Helps Residents Connect

Five-year resident, Helen Beglin, recounts fond memories of the dining experiences she had with her late husband while they both resided at Fellowship Senior Living. Helen spoke about how the other residents made him feel included in conversations when they all dined together, despite him suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and being unable to communicate well.

“Even when my husband was no longer able to speak and take part in conversations, he really liked going to sit down and have a meal in the dining room,” said Helen. “People included him in the conversation, even though he couldn’t talk back. That was an unexpected plus of the dining experience at Fellowship.”

Residents like Helen enjoy Fellowship’s dining experience so much because it gives them a chance to connect with friendly neighbors and friends. In Helen’s husband’s case, it offered him socialization, a key component that stimulates the brain and provides a sense of normal structure for those struggling with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

This is the kind of socialization experience you can expect when you dine at Fellowship Senior Living with your friends and family. We offer a welcoming dining atmosphere paired with our vast five-star dining program to nourish you physically and socially.

What Our Five-Star Dining Program is Like at Fellowship Senior Living

At Fellowship Senior Living, we’re proud to offer our residents our award-winning dining program. Great taste, fresh ingredients and local sustainability are just some of the qualities our dining program possesses.

Our dining program allows you the freedom to choose how and when you dine. We offer residents a vast menu of healthy options to choose from daily. At Fellowship Senior Living, you can always expect fresh ingredients such as cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk and yogurt, fresh beef, fresh produce, no prepared convenience foods and so much more.

You can enjoy any of our culinary creations in our beautiful Terrace View dining room or stop by the Village Bistro & Marketplace, which features homemade soups, deli sandwiches, fresh-tossed salads, gourmet desserts and more. We also have a new bar and lounge area coming soon that will give residents the opportunity to socialize with family and friends while enjoying dinner and spirits. Our new bar and lounge opening this summer will feature a tapas menu, indoor and Alfresco dining options, a fireplace outdoors to sit and dine around, fire pits, an outdoor kitchen and more.

“Our new bar and lounge area will feature a three seasons porch that allows residents to sit by our beautiful fireplace outside and enjoy their food and beverages. We are also putting in an outdoor kitchen to grill up some fresh fish, burgers, steaks and more for residents to enjoy right outside,” said Richard Mercado, VP of Dining Services at Fellowship. “The entire space provides a venue for residents to engage in socialization and enjoy their golden years.”

Of course, another aspect of our dining experience is safety. With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken many precautions to ensure our residents are still able to have a quality dining experience and remain safe and healthy.

COVID-19 Dining Precautions

The health and safety of our residents, staff and families are our number one priority. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken rigorous measures to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus. You can read a full list of our precautions here.

Our dining areas have been suspended and replaced with take-out options for residents. The take-out hours have been extended to 8:30am to 6:30pm to allow for proper social distancing. We are also working with enhanced infection control precautions, prepackaged food options and streamlined selections for easy service that allows residents to get food quickly and avoid congregating.

Resident satisfaction and comfort is top of mind for us during these dining adjustments, which is why we’re thrilled that residents like Helen Beglin are impressed and appreciative of our response to the virus outbreak.

“The way Fellowship is handling the distribution of food is impressive. I was particularly impressed, because no one could’ve been prepared for something like this to happen, and the staff members had to adapt a lot in a hurry,” said Helen.

Helen has also appreciated how we’ve organized our delivery and take-out process. Our culinary team has also continued to work around-the-clock to ensure residents are still able to get the delicious meals they’ve come to expect from Fellowship Senior Living.

“There is a door-to-door delivery option for those who are interested, and for anyone that is sick at all. There is food available for take out in the bistro every day,” said Helen. “Instead of having limited hours available, the cafeteria is open all day from breakfast through dinner time. This means that there are fewer of us congregating in the cafeteria at any one given time, which made distancing a lot easier.”

Live a Safe, Healthy Lifestyle at Fellowship Senior Living

Overall, our team has worked hard to ensure our residents feel safe at our life plan retirement community. Contact us today to learn more about our culinary experience and the precautions we are taking every day to keep Fellowship Senior Living a safe place for everyone.