Fellowship Village Tapas Bar and Lounge

It’s a beautiful, crisp fall afternoon and you’re lounging outside sipping on a delicious glass of red wine. You soak in the warmth from the fireplace out on the patio, protecting you from the occasional seasonal breeze while you converse with neighbors and friends.

Not too far from where you are sitting, there is an outdoor kitchen where a chef is grilling fresh appetizers and meals in front of awaiting residents. You find yourself completely entranced by the relaxed and charming atmosphere and the enticing aroma of freshly prepared foods.

Sound like a dream? Well, Fellowship Village has made it a reality with the new Wilson’s Tapas Bar Lounge!

Senior Living Dining: The Wilson’s Tapas Bar Lounge

At Fellowship Village, we are proud to offer five-star senior living community dining options. Our new bar lounge area gives residents the opportunity to socialize with family and friends while enjoying dinner and spirits.

Our new bar lounge feature a tapas menu, indoor and alfresco dining options, an outdoor two-sided fireplace to sit and dine around, a putting green adjacent to the patio, fire pits, an elegant outdoor kitchen and much more.

Richard Mercado, Vice President of Dining Services at Fellowship Village, shared details about the many amenities the new Wilson’s Tapas Bar Lounge provides residents.

“Our new bar and lounge area will feature a three seasons porch that allows residents to sit by our beautiful fireplace outside and enjoy their food and beverages,” Richard explained. “We are also putting in an outdoor kitchen to grill up some fresh fish, burgers, steaks and more for residents to enjoy right outside.”

When planning our new dining venue, the team at Fellowship Village wanted a place where residents could feel like they are at an alluring and fun outdoor bar and restaurant without the inconvenience of leaving campus.

“We’re not building a senior living bar and lounge; this is a real full fledged bar that you would find out in New York City somewhere at a very nice high-end place,” Richard said.

With the right mix of food, music and a sophisticated atmosphere, residents can put aside all their worries and simply enjoy the moment with neighbors, family and friends.

“We wanted to provide a space for the residents to be able to be together and socialize, which is so important as you become older and age in place,” Richard explained, “The entire space provides a venue for residents to engage in socialization and enjoy their golden years.”

In addition to great food and beverages, the bar lounge also provides residents with other ways to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Residents and their guests can dance the night away to live musical performances that are occasionally featured at the bar lounge. Billiard, card and game areas are also available for residents to enjoy with each other as they savor a drink and appetizers.

There really is no other place like the Wilson’s Tapas Bar Lounge, and our team is so excited to share the opening with the Fellowship Village residents.

“The whole space is just amazing,” Richard said. “It provides a great venue for more socialization and gives residents a chance to truly enjoy their golden years.”

Enjoy a Fulfilling and Safe Dining Experience at Fellowship Senior Living

fellowship tapas bar

At Fellowship Senior Living, the health and safety of our residents, staff and families are our number one priority. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken rigorous measures to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus. You can read a full list of our precautions here.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living dining options, our new bar lounge and the various precautions we are taking every day to keep Fellowship Senior Living a safe place to live and dine.