There are many independent living advantages for residents in our life plan community, including excellent on-campus facilities and beautiful homes designed with accessibility in mind. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our residents appreciate most about life in our village.

1. Easy Living

From housekeeping to refuse collection, residents rave about the services that remove much of the drudgery from their daily life. “I like what I would consider the carefree lifestyle that we have here,” says Steve Pozarek. “If you have any kind of issue, make a quick phone call and somebody’s out the same day to take care of it.”

Eliot and Millicent Knight purchased a single-family home in 2013. Eliot notes their garbage disposal unit broke down during the pandemic. “We called plant ops, and that same day Kevin came to have a look at it,” he explains. “He quickly determined the garbage disposal was kaput. It was replaced the next day.” At a time when many homeowners face long waits for repairs due to labor shortages, not to mention higher costs, such timely turnarounds are a huge benefit.

Jim and Charlene Wilson moved to Fellowship Village when they were in their late 60s, partly because he couldn’t face another round of home maintenance and landscaping. “I just thought that there were more important things in life than continuing to work on the house,” he says.

2. On-Campus Culture

How would you spend the extra time if you didn’t have to clean the bathroom or shovel snow? Maybe you’d devote more energy to a hobby or take up a new fitness routine like yoga. Having to commute to classes or other pursuits can be a motivation killer, but a wealth of informal groups thrive at Fellowship Village in addition to official events.

“The activities here are fabulous,” enthuses Pat Pozarek. “I love the fact that I can feel like I’m part of the community. There are groups or clubs with people who have shared interests like photography, or walking.”

Whether your passion is gardening or woodworking, you’ll find facilities to pursue your passion. The recently opened Cultural Arts Center brings top-notch entertainment to your doorstep. “I like the fact that it’s being made use of not only by outside groups coming in, but also giving residents the chance to perform,” says resident and donor David Badertscher.

3. Health and Wellness Services

A hotly anticipated addition to the campus is the state-of-the-art fitness center slated to open in 2023 with an indoor pool, spa, sports courts, and a range of classes. A holistic wellness program is one of the perks of living life at Fellowship Village, but, more importantly, you have peace of mind knowing your health needs will be met. Pat Pozarek says the life plan was the primary selling point for the couple because of difficulties they faced when caring for their own parents. “It means that you have healthcare throughout your life, and as your needs change, you’ll have care from the time you get here until you go.” For Eliot Knight, the on-site medical center means he can get a same day appointment when he needs it.

4. Fabulous Food

Optimizing health is a key element of the award-winning dining program. Executive chef Arthur Marston and his team create delicious and nutritious dishes using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Eliot Knight says his wife is “happy she has not cooked a meal since October 2013.”

Residents can choose the elegant dining room, a casual bistro, or the chic indoor/outdoor Wilson’s Tapas Bar and Lounge. “Overall, the food is excellent, whether you’re having it at the tapas lounge or going to the bistro,” says Steve Pozarek. “We kind of knew upfront the food was going to be good, but it has exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality and variety.”

5. Community Spirit

Offering opportunities for relaxed socializing, the restaurants help create the sense of community that’s essential for well-being. Helen Beglin moved to Fellowship Village about seven years ago when her husband developed dementia. At the time, she and her son worried she might feel “stuck there” after his death. But as a widow living alone for the first time, she discovered it was the ideal place for her. She found herself surrounded by a supportive community while maintaining her independence. “Part of what has surprised me is how easy it is to have a balance between solitude and community. Nobody is knocking on my door and dragging me out to something I don’t want to do. On the other hand, I can go out and be with people at any time of the day or evening.”

Ready to enjoy our carefree lifestyle? Call us today at 908-580-3849 to schedule a tour of our inspired community for active adults.