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Agencies vs Independent Care Provider

When your loved one needs help to remain safely and comfortably at home, finding the right caregiver can be a daunting task.  Facing the idea that a stranger will be in your home makes many people feel uncomfortable.  Add to that the idea of finding the right caregiver that meets your needs, many people feel so overwhelmed it seems better to try to continue doing everything on your own.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have an idea of where to start your search for senior home care.  There are two ways to go when looking for a caregiver; to hire an individual on your own or to work with an agency such as Fellowship Helping Hands.

At first glance, it may seem more affordable to hire a private individual to provide the help you or your loved one needs.  But keep in mind that there are many aspects to hiring your own caregiver that are already taken care of when hiring a home care agency.  For example, when employing an individual, there is an employer-employee relationship that is established.  With that comes the responsibility of taxes and insurance for the employee as well as liability insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident in your home.  It is a good idea to have a job description and employment agreement, and it is also recommended that anyone whom you allow in your home has undergone a criminal background check and that you verify that they are legally entitled to work in the United States.  You should also verify what state requirements the individual may need to meet to perform “hands-on” care.

Suddenly the idea of hiring a private caregiver may not be as attractive as securing a licensed agency.

Fellowship Helping Hands conducts all of the necessary pre-employment screening and hiring required  for all of our New Jersey state Certified Home Health Aides and Nurse Aides including a criminal background check, physical, PPD and drug screen. They have attended our mandatory orientation and receive ongoing training and in-services that are specific to their roles as home care providers (i.e. fall prevention; nutrition, dehydration, safety, etc.).  Look for an agency that provides dementia and Alzheimer’s sensitivity training which is extremely beneficial for those caregivers who are working for clients with these issues.  Caregivers should always be supervised by a Registered Nurse who conducts an initial assessment and develops a Plan of Care for the client.  Both the client and families should have access to the Nurse to discuss caregiver concerns, schedules or questions regarding the day-to-day non-medical services provided.

Agencies take responsibility for all aspects of your caregiver including payroll, taxes, benefits, scheduling, training, and supervision.   There is rarely ever a break in service because the agency is able to provide a replacement when your caregiver calls out sick, goes on vacation or if there is a request for a change in caregiver. Before hiring a private caregiver, carefully consider the liability and responsibility that will be required of you.

To learn more, schedule a complimentary in-home assessment or to simply discuss your parent’s situation, contact Elizabeth Fandel at 908-672-4499. Fellowship Helping Hands promotes independence by helping elderly individuals successfully remain at home.  We provide hourly and live-in assistance with activities of daily living in the Basking Ridge area and throughout New Jersey.