Senior woman uses home care technology to check in with her loved ones

Home care is no longer defined strictly by the in-person care from a nurse or home care professional. Today, technology supplements home care to support patient wellness, even when a caregiver isn’t around. Of course, the idea of using technology can feel overwhelming if your use of laptops, cell phones and tablets has been minimal. But did you know technology can actually have a positive impact on your well-being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Integrating modern technology into your everyday routine can help you to stay connected with loved ones, remain socially active in your community and allow you to live a more independent lifestyle. That’s why our home care services offered through Fellowship Helping Hands gives you the opportunity to use modern technology services like VoiceFriend.

How VoiceFriend Makes Aging in Place Easier for Seniors

VoiceFriend is a notification system that helps you to easily keep yourself, caregivers and family members informed of any important information, emergencies and key events that occur. When using VoiceFriend, you will be able to increase your engagement with others, boost your safety and wellness levels, and remain more independent in your home.

Fellowship Helping Hands care managers use VoiceFriend to help patients make appointments, fill prescriptions, perform daily wellness check-ins, set up medication reminders, sign up for different activities and stay connected to friends and family members.

“VoiceFriend gives patients the opportunity to have a care manager or family member help them on a weekly basis,” Elizabeth Fandel, Senior Vice President of Home Community Based Services & Special Projects for Fellowship Senior Living, explained. “Care managers can go into VoiceFriend and input weekly schedules, events, medication reminders and appointments.”

VoiceFriend can also include daily check-ins, and our team can immediately respond and make sure you’re safe if we don’t hear from you. This technology offers you a way to stay on top of your health and mitigate emergencies or serious issues.
“VoiceFriend provides an insight that you may not see otherwise of a decline,” Elizabeth explained. “It provides a level of pre-warning and gives care managers a baseline of what’s going on.”

Teaching Seniors to Use Home Care Technology

Our care management services are available to help make the healthcare process easier – this includes helping you become comfortable using home care technology. Fellowship Helping Hands care managers are proud to educate you on how to use VoiceFriend and provide assistance with home care technology, when needed.

“A patient’s family member can hire a care manager to go out and help their loved one learn VoiceFriend,” Elizabeth explained. “Our care managers are there to help patients get things set up. If a patient just wants reminders set up, our care managers can assist with that. It can be as little as that or as much as a care manager being involved regularly, making appointments for a patient, scheduling reminders and even scheduling transportation.”

Modern day technology plays an amazing role in helping people live a more independent lifestyle. This is why Fellowship Helping Hands utilizes VoiceFriend, supplementing the personalized, hands-on home care offered. By adding this one piece of technology, you can rest easy knowing you’re being looked after from afar.

“You can really make a difference in someone’s life by implementing this one small thing,” Elizabeth said. “VoiceFriend can provide a peace of mind for the individual and for their family.”

Find the Healthcare Resources You Need with Fellowship Helping Hands

With our wide range of care management services, you won’t ever have to navigate the healthcare process alone. We can provide you with comprehensive assistance in complete senior care, help you learn how to use a new form of technology or simply just be there for you to answer any questions you have along the way during the healthcare process.

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