Home for the Holidays A Checklist to Keep Aging Parents Safe

If you’ll be home for the holidays, it’s an ideal time to ensure your parents are healthy, safe and able to live on their own. What should you look for during your visit? We’ve put together a  checklist to help you determine if they need more help.

  1. Look for fall hazards around the house. As people age, tripping hazards become a serious issue. In 2019, falls caused the deaths of 34,000 people in the US. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors, and some seniors never fully recover after breaking their hip. While you’re home, check for clutter. Throw out old rugs that might be a tripping hazard. Find or create a shelf for their stacks of magazines. Ensure there are no electrical extension cords in the way. Check stair treads for loose carpeting. Tighten up the handrails.
  2. Check to see if the house is unusually cluttered or dirty. One early warning sign your aging loved ones need help is an unexpectedly messy home. Are there crusty dishes in the sink? Are there piles of dirty laundry? Does the house need a good cleaning? Are yard chores being neglected? Hiring cleaning assistance might be an easy fix to help them remain independent.
  3. Check for unopened mail. Financial crises often arise when aging parents no longer keep track of their mail, which can lead to unpaid bills. If you see unopened mail, ask to help sort through the stacks. Then check to see if they’re keeping up with mortgage and utility payments. Check with a legal expert to determine how you can help your parents with their finances and include them in the conversation.
  4. Notice changes in their daily routine. Are they taking care of their personal appearance? Are they taking their medications as prescribed? Ride to the grocery store and observe how they handle the trip.  According to AAA, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by almost a decade. It might be time to have one of the most difficult conversations with your aging parents. There are options, however, even if you don’t live close to your parents.
  5.  Ask about their friends and family. Isolation is one of the most prevalent problems among people over the age of 65. Fortunately, Fellowship Connected Living Powered by Livindi can keep them connected with a touch of a button. You can set up the app for members of your family, making it easy for your parents to communicate with all of their children and grandchildren. They can quickly share photos and videos, and chatting is as easy as the push of a button.

Home for the Holidays

This holiday season, enjoy your time with family, but stay vigilant. While no one likes to think about parents getting older, it is inevitable.

If you feel they could use more help, Fellowship Connected Living Powered by Livindi offers a solution.  The cutting-edge technology offers content, connection and care so they can stay home and feel independent.

Take that first step to keeping them healthy and safe. Call us at 908-580-3849 to learn more.