Happy senior residents enjoy each other s company in a life plan community

Have you ever thought in detail about where you live? Factors like your environment and the neighborhood you live in can have a serious impact on your overall level of health. In fact, studies have shown that where you live can greatly impact your lifespan.

This is why more and more seniors are exploring the benefits of a life plan community (also known as a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC). A life plan community offers residents the benefits of a beautiful, maintenance-free residence, a socially active community and a full continuum of care all wrapped into one campus.

The Benefits of Life Plan Communities on Aging

Studies in recent years have explored how continuing care retirement communities and life plan communities contribute to resident happiness and well-being. One study, in particular, is the Mather Institute Age Well Study.

This is a longitudinal, five-year study that evaluates the impact of living in a life plan community on residents’ cognitive, physical and psychosocial health. Below are some of the key findings from year one of this study that highlight the benefits of a life plan community on residents’ overall state of health and happiness.

5 Key Findings from Year One of the Age Well Study

  1. Satisfaction with Life. Life plan community residents have high levels of satisfaction with life on average and tend to have greater life satisfaction than older adults from the community at large.
  2. Resilience. Life plan community residents have moderately high levels of resilience, meaning they tend to have the ability to bounce back and recover from stressful events.
  3. Mood. Residents at life plan communities tend to experience more positive moods overall compared to seniors in the greater community.
  4. Hopelessness. Life plan community residents have moderately low levels of hopelessness, suggesting they have higher expectations to achieve their goals and find fulfillment.
  5. Optimism/Pessimism. The study showed that life plan community residents have high levels of optimism and relatively low levels of pessimism. This finding suggests that life plan community residents have a more positive outlook on life and their future.

How a Life Plan Community Impacts Your Health and Longevity

Research so far from the Mather Institute indicates that life plan communities play a significant role in resident wellness and how successful they age. From incredible amenities and engaging social events to comprehensive health care services, life plan community residents tend to have an increased sense of fulfillment and health compared to seniors who age in their homes.

Some of the contributing factors to this include the following:

  • A Service-Rich Environment: Residents in life plan communities experience lower levels of stress and an increase in emotional wellness because of all the services and amenities offered. At Fellowship Village, for example, residents have access to a plethora of creative, educational and cultural activities, award-winning dining, fitness center, walking trails and so much more.
  • More Time to Do What You Enjoy: Life plan community residents never have to worry about housekeeping, interior maintenance and snow removal. This maintenance-free lifestyle gives you more time to pursue your passions, enjoy your hobbies and try new interests.
  • Greater Socialization: At life plan communities, residents don’t have to worry about loneliness and isolation. Life plan communities like Fellowship Village promote a strong sense of camaraderie with fellow residents and team members and offer social events and activities to help residents connect and feel fulfilled.

Experience a Life Plan Community at Fellowship Senior Living

Fellowship Village is a premier Life Plan Community located in Basking Ridge, NJ. In our community, you can expect to experience a vibrant lifestyle on a scenic wooded campus combined with high quality senior care and services.

Our Life Plan Community offers you a wide range of both residential and healthcare services. From Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and medical services, our continuum of care can support you as you age and help you live your very best life in your golden years.

Contact us today to learn more about the vibrant, engaging atmosphere you can experience when you become a resident at Fellowship Village.