A senior couple riding their bikes together on a clear sunny day

When you think about your retirement future, do you picture yourself mowing the lawn, cleaning your house and running yourself to medical appointments? And if you fall or get sick, will you be able to take care of yourself? Thoughts like these can feel overwhelming.

Instead, imagine living out your retirement years on a wooded campus where home maintenance is taken care of for you and all your medical necessities are handled in one place. This is what life can be at a life plan community like Fellowship Senior Living. From a fun, active lifestyle to peace of mind about your future health needs, our campus destination offers everything you’ll ever need.

What is a Life Plan Community?

A life plan community offers residents maintenance-free, independent living in an active community alongside healthcare and medical services they can access all in one place if they need them. Compared to aging in place, or aging at home, a life plan community gives older adults an active lifestyle, top-notch care and predictable costs.

Another key aspect of a life plan community is peace of mind. When you’re not constantly worrying about your house’s upkeep or home maintenance bills, you can relax and do more of what you actually enjoy. And you won’t have to worry about what you’ll do if your health changes because a life plan community has all medical services available right on campus.

How Does a Life Plan Community Work?

To meet the needs of today’s seniors, senior living communities have transitioned from care providers to vibrant communities that offer a range of residential options, medical services, activities and programming, and personal exploration.

When you enter a life plan community at the independent living level, you’ll be set for the rest of your life with all the amenities and healthcare you’ll ever need. At Fellowship Senior Living, this includes luxurious amenities, fresh and innovative first-class dining, BRAVO wellness programing and on-site medical care for if and when you require it.

5 Experiences You’ll Have at a Life Plan Community

At Fellowship Senior Living, we strive to be the home you’ve always dreamed of; a beautiful destination campus where home maintenance is a thing of the past and all your physical, mental and emotional needs are accounted for.

As a resident of our life plan community in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, you’ll experience:

  1. BRAVO Wellness: Staying active has amazing health benefits and can even slow down elements of aging. Through BRAVO Wellness, you’ll work with a personal coach to design a wellness program that is tailored to your lifestyle and keeps you engaged. From strength training and yoga to ball and balance classes and water programming, we have daily and weekly activities to keep you active and feeling good.
  2. On-Site Expert Medical Care: From physical exams to specialty consultations, Fellowship Senior Living gives you easy access to high-quality medical care. Through our partnership with Atlantic Health System, we have an on-site medical center where you can make appointments with cardiologists, dentists, podiatrists, registered dietitians, psychiatrists and many more healthcare professionals. No matter what you’re struggling with, your appointments and care can happen right on campus.
  3. Amenities Designed for Socialization: Maintaining a vibrant, active lifestyle at a life plan community is only possible when there are opportunities to socialize and be active. Our campus includes a year-round greenhouse, library, art studio, wood shop, walking trails and so much more to enjoy with your neighbors. We also offer a one-of-a-kind cultural arts center, and will soon be opening a bar and lounge where you can dine, mingle and sit around cozy fire pits with your friends and family.
  4. Five-Star Dining: Speaking of dining, we offer an award-winning, five-star dining program at Fellowship Senior Living. From fresh-tossed salads and mouth-watering roast beef to delicious, gourmet desserts, we offer creative and innovative meals you’ll love that are made from the freshest ingredients. Our Terrace View dining room and Village Bistro & Marketplace offer countless meal choices that will keep you healthy and appease your palette.
  5. Health Services as You Age: Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stay in one place as you age? At our life plan community in New Jersey, it’s more than possible – it’s a reality. Our campus includes healthcare services like assisted living if you require additional help with your day-to-day. And, if one day your cognitive abilities change or you need long-term care, we have memory care and skilled nursing services on-site that will be there for you. No matter how your health situation changes over time, you’ll never have to leave your home at Fellowship Senior Living.

Enjoy Retirement at Fellowship Senior Living’s Life Plan Community

Our life plan community is designed to be the perfect destination setting for your retirement. At Fellowship Senior Living, it’s all about unleashing your independence and giving you complete control over how you age. We want you to feel right at home, which is why we provide all the amenities, activities and healthcare you’ll ever need.
Ready to see it all for yourself? Contact us today at 908-580-3800 for more information about our life plan community in Basking Ridge and to schedule a tour.