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What do you want to achieve in the new year? If one of your new year’s resolutions is to live a more active life, free from the frustrations of home maintenance, a Life Plan Community may be for you!

A Life Plan Community, like Fellowship Village, offers everything you need all on a single campus. Health care services are available within the community when you need them, you have access to five-star meals without having to do any of the cooking yourself, you can partake in as many weekly activities and events as you want, and so much more.

5 Reasons to Move to a Life Plan Community in 2021

The previous year was undoubtedly challenging and frustrating, especially for older adults isolated in their homes. While we aren’t completely out of the COVID-19 pandemic yet, moving to a Life Plan Community can help you regain the fulfillment, socialization and sense of community you may have lost in 2020. In fact, The Mather Institute has found that Life Plan Community residents experience an improved quality of life compared to residents in the general surrounding community.

If you want to get back to an active, enriching life, here are five reasons why you should consider moving to a Life Plan Community:

1. Everything You Need on One Campus – The brilliance of a Life Plan Community is all of the residential and healthcare services you will ever need are all on one spacious, scenic campus. You never have to travel to a gym or recreation center because wellness programming – from exercise classes to social activities – is available just outside your residence. If you need to see a physician or have a health emergency, we have healthcare services on campus ready to assist you. No matter what you need or how your health changes, you’ll never have to leave your home at a Life Plan Community.

2. Improved Nutrition – One of the best (and tastiest) parts of a Life Plan Community is the dining. At Fellowship Village, we offer a award-winning five-star dining experience backed by an experienced culinary team. From freshly prepared soups and salads to turkey and roast beef roasted in house, we offer nutritious meals designed with resident health in mind. Our flexible dining program allows you the freedom to dine when you want and how you want, with incredible variety and healthy choices every day.

3. Significantly More Time to Participate in Hobbies and Events – When you join a Life Plan Community, you can forget the time-consuming household maintenance and upkeep. Instead, you will have the freedom to truly choose how you spend your time. You can take daily strolls around our scenic campus or participate in a virtual exercise class offered through our BRAVO Wellness program. Whatever it is you want to do, you’ll have the time and energy for it at a Life Plan Community.

4. Greater Sense of Community – Living in a Life Plan Community means living amongst residents who share similar interests. It’s a perfect environment to form new relationships and spend time with others who are interested in the same things you are. Perhaps you can take up gardening with a neighbor or make it a weekly routine to take walks around campus with new friends. Whether you want to socialize throughout the day or sit quietly by yourself with the latest best seller, you’ll be surrounded by a caring community you can count on.

5. Improved Safety – At Fellowship Village, we put the safety and well-being of our residents above all else. That’s why we have taken such rigorous precautions to help protect residents against the COVID-19 virus. Already this year, our community held a vaccine clinic to give our residents access to the COVID-19 vaccine. This is the first exciting step toward helping our residents return to normal life without the fear of contracting the virus.

Experience Life Plan Community Living at Fellowship Village

At Fellowship Senior Living, we are proud to offer residents the option of living in our Life Plan Community, Fellowship Village. When you become a resident of our Life Plan Community, you can expect to live a vibrant, safer lifestyle where you have complete freedom to do more of what you want, when you want.

Start your new year off on a positive note by putting your well-being first and making the move to our Life Plan Community. Contact us today to learn more about all of our senior living options.

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