Senior s legs being suspended as part of physical therapy


One of the newest innovations in rehabilitation is a painless treatment called Redcord Neurac. The method is groundbreaking, but the logic is amazingly simple. Physical therapists have long realized that eliminating the effect of gravity on painful joints and muscles can do wonders for successful treatment — think of the pain relief you get by floating in a pool. 

The Redcord Neurac method involves a different kind of gravity-free protocol, using a system of ropes and bungee cords that suspend a patient’s body and limbs, allowing them to perform various muscle movements without discomfort. The goal of Redcord Neurac treatment is to help deficient joints and muscles “relearn” their function and result in normal neuromuscular activation. Translation? You move without pain.


Joint Pain and the Effects of Suspension 

Typically, when we’re suffering from joint pain, we adapt the way we walk, sit and move. This creates bad habits and puts our whole body out of whack. Muscles cease to fire normally, causing deficiencies and ultimately deactivation and limited range of motion. The result is often that the injury or inflammation that started the whole pain process comes back again within a few weeks or months, and the vicious cycle begins again.

This distortion of signals from the brain to our muscles has been scientifically proven. But Redcord Neurac treatment is making it possible to reduce or even eliminate that distortion and the pain that accompanies it.

Redcord Neurac has been proven to restore proper neuromuscular activation and reduce the need for surgery, medications, or weeks of standard physical therapy. In fact, physical therapists who’ve used the treatment report they’ve been able to achieve greater results 10 times faster and more effectively than traditional physical therapy and wellness alternatives.

By suspending the patient’s body with the red cords, the issue of weight facilitating pain is removed. Rather than having large muscle groups “guard” by tensing up because of pain, the suspension shuts down the protective action.

In a pain-free state where muscles can relax, and with the aid of high-level neuromuscular stimulation and activation, the patient and physical therapist can work together on movements that help restore proper functional muscle/joint interaction. The ultimate goal is not to simply reduce the symptoms, but to address and eliminate the underlying cause of the problems.


Who Can Benefit from Redcord Neurac?

The treatment is recommended for patients suffering from painful conditions in any of the key joints in the body, from the lower back to elbows, knees, neck, shoulder, etc. Redcord Neurac has also proven to be beneficial for stroke patients, as well as patients with reduced lung capacity, balance issues, and even for some patients suffering from PTSD, among numerous other conditions.

Treatments are personalized to a patient’s specific needs, based on the findings in the evaluation to correct the weak links. Clinical experience indicates that reducing pain and improving function can be achieved within the first session.

Following treatments, the patient continues with corrective exercises to maintain the treatment effects and is monitored over time to minimize the potential for relapse, with treatments continuing as needed to avoid recurrences of the injury or condition that caused the initial issue.


Body Areas that Benefit from Redcord Neurac Treatments:

Neck & Back Suspension with cords works to shut down large muscle groups that guard painful joints and muscles in spasm, allowing the physical therapist to work with you on specific neck and back movements.

Foot & Ankle A patient suffering from plantar fasciitis pain can achieve faster results from a combination of manual therapy and Redcord Neurac treatments, which can help build fascia strength in hips, knees and ankles.

Hip & Knee Typically following any type of hip or knee surgery, the protocol is for non-weight-bearing exercise. Redcord Neurac treatments can help speed up post-surgical recovery.

Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Injuries in these body parts can set off a whole chain of muscle imbalances and even greater pain. Redcord Neurac treatments can correct imbalances and strengthen the muscle chain to improve range of motion and reduce pain more quickly. 


What to Expect from Your Redcord Neurac Treatments

Several clinics specialize in Redcord Neurac treatments. One excellent benefit of living in a senior community like Fellowship Village in Basking Ridge, NJ, is having on-campus access to Redcord Neurac treatments in the community’s award-winning short-term and long-term rehabilitation center.

The Redcord Neurac method involves:

Initial Exam & Evaluation:

  • Review of your past medical history
  • Initial tests to measure and assess functional capacity
  • Examination of your current muscle imbalances and weak links
  • Development of a personalized treatment program


  • Introduction to the suspension apparatus and method
  • Repeated sessions with increasingly reduced cord support to help deficient muscles gradually return to their purpose in the neuromuscular movement chain
  • Treatments are complete once you can perform the movements without cord assistance


  • Patient education, including coping strategies and understanding the concept to ensure compliance
  • Continuing prescribed exercises at home and/or continuing to receive assistance from a rehab therapist

Reassessment & Results:

  • Regular reassessment and measurement to ensure continued success or arrange for additional suspension therapy as needed
  • Dramatic results are common, along with restoration of range of motion and immediate pain relief compliance with a home exercise program is absolutely necessary for long-term success



Discover the Difference in Physical Therapy at Fellowship Village

Rehabilitation is a major focus of our senior rehabilitation program because we understand that successful treatment not only helps reduce or eliminate pain; it also helps patients regain their independence and live more full, vibrant lives. 

The Fellowship Village Rehabilitation Center is available not only to residents of Fellowship Village  but to seniors and adults residing in surrounding communities. A wide range of inpatient, outpatient, and at-home senior rehabilitation and wellness services is available. For more information, contact us at 908-580-3880. We look forward to helping you get back to your best life!