People engaging in safe and beneficial activities for dementia patients

Navigating a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can be extremely challenging. It’s unfamiliar territory, and you’re left trying to understand what is and isn’t OK to do with your loved one. Each new day brings new questions and new concerns. This is completely normal.

As summer quickly approaches, you might be wondering how you can help your senior parent or other loved one get outside and enjoy all the season has to offer. The key is choosing activities that are engaging, fun, but most importantly, safe.

Learn some of the best ways you can take advantage of the summer season while also helping your loved one with dementia stay safe and happy.

What Activities to Do with People with Dementia in Summer

Help your loved one make the most of the summer months by planning activities that allow them to enjoy all the season has to offer in a completely safe way.

  1. Plant a Garden Together – Spending quality time together is the best way to keep your bond strong. Get some vitamin D from the sun while helping your loved one strengthen their muscles by pouring soil, digging holes and planting seeds.
  2. Make Summer Treats – Baking, making ice cream, or creating fresh fruit popsicles are all perfect for summer. When the heat gets too strong outside, you can stay inside and make something together. It’s mentally stimulating and can help you both stay cool and hydrated.
  3. Have a Summer Picnic – Going on a long walk in the park is a great cardiovascular activity for someone with dementia, and enjoying a peaceful lunch outside allows them to experience a much-needed change of scenery. Pack light foods full of vitamins and nutrients.
  4. Go to the Park – If you live in or around New Jersey, you know there are plenty of beautiful parks just waiting to be explored. Consider bringing along binoculars to do some bird-watching, or create a scavenger hunt to keep your loved one engaged. Be sure to take lots of breaks and stay in the shade whenever possible.
  5. Go to the Beach – Individuals living with dementia are often in need of exercise. Spending a day relaxing at the beach and even spending some time swimming in the water is a great way to get a little physical activity while also staying cool.

It’s not hard to find activities to keep your loved one dementia engaged during the summer, but it’s sometimes challenging to keep them safe. When you want to spend time outdoors, follow these safety tips for both of you:

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Apply sunscreen at regular intervals.
  • Dress appropriately in lightweight clothing that offers protection from the sun.
  • Avoid crowds and loud noises.
  • Limit sun exposure to hours when the sun isn’t as hot.

Make some lasting memories with your loved one by getting out of the house this summer!

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