An adult caregiver spending quality time with her mother

Your parents have always been the ones you’ve turned to for guidance and support. You’ve always seen them as strong, independent people, never imagining that one day they’d need you to look out for them. But suddenly, your parents have slightly more gray in their hair, a few more wrinkles lining their faces and you’re constantly worried about them living in their house by themselves.

Your parents enjoy their independence and don’t want to lose it. So, what’s a good solution that lets them continue living their lives as they want while giving you peace of mind? Senior living at a life plan community may be the solution you’re looking for.

Benefits of Senior Living for You and Your Parents

A life plan community like Fellowship Senior Living is designed to fit the lifestyle your parents want and help ease all the concerns you have about their health and safety as they continue to age.

Why a Life Plan Community is Good for Your Parents

  1. An Active, Freeing Lifestyle They’ll Love: Life plan communities like Fellowship Senior Living are designed to give your parents the freedom to live how they want without the hassle and frustrations of home maintenance. Between our BRAVO wellness program with activities and classes to keep your parents active and healthy and our cultural arts center that offers nonstop entertainment and education, our community is designed to allow your parents to do more of what they enjoy.
  2. More Choice and Freedom with Their Residence: Leaving the home you’ve built over the years is not an easy decision. That’s why life plan communities offer so many home options for their residences. At Fellowship Senior Living, your parents can truly build their own home by working with our design center on renovations and the look and feel of their villa, cottage or apartment.
  3. A Plan for Their Healthcare Future: No one knows what their future will bring, which is why life plan communities are crafted to provide high-quality care and medical services to their residents as they age. With healthcare services like assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and more, your parents will be able to stay at Fellowship Senior Living even if their health needs change.

Why a Life Plan Community is Good for You, Too

  1. You’ll Know They’re Safe and Free of Home Maintenance: According to the National Council on Aging, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds. If your parents are at a life plan community like Fellowship Senior Living, they won’t have to strain themselves with home maintenance, protecting them from unnecessary injuries and accidents. This will give you a sense of relief, knowing your parents will be surrounded by caring staff who will care for them and handle home tasks for them on a daily basis.
  2. You’ll Have Peace of Mind about Their Health: Do questions around what you’d do if your parents got sick or injured keep you up at night? At Fellowship Senior Living, all of your parents’ health needs will be taken care of. We have medical services and a range of exceptional doctors right on campus to give your parents the healthcare they need and deserve.
  3. You’ll Know They’re Socializing and Having Fun: Is one of your fears that your parents will miss out on enriching activities and companionship as they age? At Fellowship Senior Living, we strive to put those concerns to rest. Your parents will be able to make tons of new friends on campus, socialize at our five-star restaurants and participate in enrichment programming in our fitness center, art studio, library and lifelong learning center. At our life plan community, your parents will have countless ways to enjoy their retirement years how they want.

Fellowship Senior Living Puts Your Health and Safety First

At Fellowship Senior Living, our life plan community has been carefully crafted to provide everything your parents could ever want or need in retirement. We strive to be a destination community that offers a rich and vibrant lifestyle your parents will love on our picturesque, 72-acre wooded campus in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

“I find the people very friendly and welcoming, and there’s all sorts of activities to do here and get engaged with. It’s just very enjoyable. We just thought this was the right place for us. And it turned out, that it was,” said residents Jim and Charlene Wilson.

To learn more about how our life plan community can benefit your parents and give you the peace of mind you’re searching for with your parents’ health and happiness as they age, contact us today at 908-580-3840.