Contributed by Carole Clausen, Fellowship Senior Living Personal Trainer

Adults over age 65 can greatly benefit from making healthy resolutions, especially those that help prevent illness and injury. Carole Clausen, a personal trainer for the rehab and wellness program at Fellowship Village, offers these tips for making healthy lifestyle changes.

Tips for Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Participate in cognitive health activities. As we age, it’s important to keep our mind engaged and stimulated with mind-boosting activities. This year, try joining a book club, schedule fun game nights with family and friends or simply do a daily crossword puzzle. Take time and make an effort to learn and try new things.

Exercise or start a new physical activity. Exercise need not be exhausting or feel like work. Seek out strength and balance training in classes geared toward older adults like Tai Chi, water aerobics, chair exercises and other forms of group exercise. Start a walking regimen in your neighborhood or at the local mall. When watching television, get up and move during every commercial break. Even small actions can be beneficial.

Eat a healthier diet. Eating well is just as important as exercising. While processed foods are easy to throw together for a meal, they come with a host of health issues and concerns. Vow to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll soon see a noticeable difference in how you look and feel.

Make your home safer. Take some time to assess your home objectively. Is the lighting adequate? Do you have throw rugs that are tripping hazards? Are outside steps in good repair? Is it time to install grab bars in the bathrooms? If you’re not sure, contact a professional service provider to evaluate your home and recommend changes to make it safe.

Seek professional support. The rehab and wellness team at Fellowship Village develops activities and services for older adults who seek fitness and well-being. Our experts guide seniors to fulfill their potential through individually tailored programs that are available to Fellowship Village residents and the general public.