Happy group of seniors experience an enhanced lifestyle as a benefit of life plan communities

When you hear the phrase “life plan community” what comes to mind? You might have no idea what a life plan community is, or you might picture a standard, retirement home form of living. If that is the case, you might be pleasantly surprised!

At Fellowship Village, our premier senior life plan community (also known as a CCRC or continuing care retirement community), residents are offered a rich and vibrant lifestyle on our scenic 72-acre wooded campus located in Basking Ridge, NJ. Not only can you enjoy a variety of educational and wellness activities, but you will also find easy access to a plethora of healthcare services should you require them. When you become a member of our life plan community, you will be able to live a vibrant lifestyle full of engaging activities and high-quality amenities and services.

What is a Life Plan Community?

Life plan communities offer the benefit of an independent living residence combined with a socially active community and healthcare services that are readily available if and when residents need them. When you become a resident of a life plan community, like Fellowship Village, you will have access to multiple levels of healthcare, live an active lifestyle and give back to your community – all without ever having to leave campus.

At Fellowship Village, you have the opportunity to gracefully age in place and progress through the different levels of senior care offered on our campus. This includes Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and medical, wellness and specialty services – all available on our scenic campus. Our life plan community is designed to offer you and your family peace of mind knowing you will always have access to the care and resources you need.

The Benefits of Life Plan Communities

The greatest part of a life plan community like Fellowship Village is its ability to increase your quality of life. This is supported by the Mather Institute Age Well Study, which explores how life plan communities can benefit and enhance resident life. This longitudinal, five-year study spent its first year evaluating the impact of living in a life plan community on residents’ social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Findings from Year One of the Age Well Study

  1. Improved Social Wellness. Residents in life plan communities were found to have lower levels of depression and hopelessness, higher reported optimism, a more positive outlook on life and a strong sense of social closeness with residents in their community.
  2. Community Belonging. In its first year of results, the study found that life plan community’s or community residents, on average, feel a stronger sense of belonging in their community. This allows residents to feel more fulfilled.
  3. Lower Amounts of Stress. Life plan community residents experience moderately low levels of stress, suggesting they feel more equipped to handle any challenges thrown at them.
  4. Perceived Control. Residents of life plan communities were found to have a higher sense of control over their lives and daily decision-making. This promotes feelings of happiness and fulfillment.
  5. Perceptions of Aging. Year one results of the study found that life plan community residents, on average, have moderately positive attitudes toward aging. Their perceptions of aging tend to be brighter than those of older adults in the greater community.

How the Fellowship Village Life Plan Community Benefits You

At Fellowship Village, we take great care to keep our campus beautiful and to provide all residents with the amenities and services they need to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. When you join Fellowship Village, you can enjoy a variety of luxurious amenities that include:

  • Award-Winning Five-Star Dining – Our culinary team provides fresh, nutritious, locally sourced meals at numerous venues for residents to enjoy. Our newest dining venue, Wilson’s Tapas Bar Lounge, features a beautiful space to gather with friends and family with multiple areas to dine.
  • BRAVO Wellness Programs – Designed in part with a personal coach, BRAVO Wellness will engage you in each dimension of wellness at a pace and intensity suited to your needs and interests.
  • Cultural Arts Center – The Fellowship Cultural Arts Center is the premier entertainment venue in Basking Ridge, NJ that all residents can enjoy. As a resident, you can experience premier musical, theatrical and dance performances right on Fellowship’s campus.

Residents can also enjoy maintenance-free living and our year-round greenhouse, art studio, library, on-site medical center, walking trails, fitness center and lifelong learning center. At Fellowship Village, you have everything you’ll ever need and can live out your golden years how you want.

Discover Fellowship Village’s Life Plan Community

Our premier life plan community, Fellowship Village, is located in Basking Ridge, NJ. With a full continuum of care, maintenance-free living and wonderful community of neighbors and friends, you’ll experience amazing retirement living filled with purpose.

Contact us today to discover what life in a life plan community could look like for you at Fellowship Village.