What does “community” mean to you? Throughout our lives, we become part of a number of different communities, some by choice, others by default. You may have warm memories of a circle of families in the neighborhood where you grew up, or perhaps you felt a strong sense of belonging when you were at college or in a workplace staffed by people with similar interests or values. If you have children, you likely became part of a group of local parents thanks to your kids’ playdates,carpools and team sports. As we age, it can be harder to tap into such organically formed communities. Your kids may no longer live nearby and it’s easy to lose touch with former classmates and colleagues as people move away, change jobs, or retire.

That said, many aspects of contemporary life, from our increasing reliance on technology to the far-reaching repercussions of the pandemic, are behind the fact that loneliness is on the rise for every age group. Scientists believe the pain we experience from a solitary state served a practical purpose in prehistoric times, when seeking safety in numbers protected us from predators and other dangers.

Loneliness has been linked to our “fight-or-flight” response, which can weaken the immune system over time. One thing is clear: Humans are social animals. In order to flourish, it’s essential we feel part of a community. At Fellowship Village, residents enjoy a built-in camaraderie and practical support system while maintaining their independent lifestyle.

Creating an Active Social Life

Many factors can make it challenging to build a robust social circle in later life. Taking a course or pursuing an interest with fellow enthusiasts is a great way to make connections, but it’s not always easy to find a suitable group nearby. The need to travel to sessions may add another reason to decrease your motivation.

One of the perks Fellowship Village residents consistently rave about is the availability of a wide range of community activities. In addition to scheduled events, from fitness classes to wine pairings, an array of informal meetups make it easy to create a fulfilling social life. You can join a book group and take advantage of the extensive library, get together with fellow golfers for putting sessions on the green, or join the walking club to explore the nature trails on our 72-acre wooded campus. Impediments like research, travel and time-consuming home-maintenance chores are eliminated, leaving you more time to enjoy doing the things you love with people who bring you joy. Even our public spaces have been designed with casual socializing in mind. Our Great Room, for example, has cozy fireside seating and a piano for impromptu concerts. Located within easy reach of Wilson’s Bar & Tapas Lounge and the main dining room, it’s a natural gathering spot.

It Takes a Village

The era of age of 24/7 news has made us aware of the potential dangers that can disrupt even the quietest suburb. Reminiscing about a golden age when neighbors looked out for one another and kids could safely play in the street has become a cliché of aging Baby Boomers. While the memory is undoubtedly rose-tinted by nostalgia, it’s true that today people tend to keep to themselves, especially in urban areas. Your neighbors may be too busy to build local relationships or don’t want to intrude. Our life plan community provides a safe environment where practical help is always on hand if you need it and people are eager to engage and make new friends. When talking about their experience of living at Fellowship Village, residents often speak the friendliness of our community.

Designed for Fellowship

With ample leafy, tree-lined streets, well-maintained homes, and manicured lawns, Fellowship Village evokes the idyllic small towns of our collective memory. All of our homes feature patios or balconies to encourage neighborly connections. But how many Norman Rockwell–style towns of yesteryear offered five-star dining and a state-of-the-art performing arts center? Top-notch amenities make our campus a destination for the larger community for a fun and sophisticated local night out. For residents, several on-site dining options, including a stylish indoor/outdoor tapas bar, make it easy to socialize in a place where everybody knows your name. A 2017 study in the UK asserts that eating with others may release the same feel-good endorphins as an exercise session. Prefer to invite your new friends over for dinner? If cooking is more of a chore than a passion, you can order a catered meal from dining services to make entertaining a breeze.

Ready to find out more about joining our community? Call us at (908) 580-3840 to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus and start living a more active and engaged life today.