As your parents get older, it can feel harder and harder to meet their needs. Maybe you’ve noticed they struggle with everyday errands or seem stranded between your weekend visits. Whether your loved ones need help scheduling appointments, keeping track of their medications or more hands-on help with the basic tasks of living, they’re not alone. A person who turns 65 today has a nearly 70% chance of needing long-term care as they age.

If you’re worried about your parents’ well-being but can’t be with them as often as you’d like, technology can help. Fellowship Connected Living powered by Livindi harnesses smart home technology to help people successfully age in place. The user-friendly touchscreen and unintrusive household sensors  empower your loved ones to live independently while giving you the tools you need to monitor them from a distance. But the real power of Fellowship Connected Living powered by Livindi is the impact it will have on your parents’ daily lives. Here’s what you can expect.

Care at Their Fingertips

Nearly a quarter of American adults are members of the sandwich generation, facing the potential needs of a parent over 65 while taking care of their own children. If that’s you, you know all too well how difficult it is to juggle medical appointments, insurance claims and prescription medication schedules.

Fellowship Connected Living powered by Livindi streamlines healthcare management by providing a Personal Health Navigator to help coordinate your loved one’s care. This valuable advocate can assist in scheduling telehealth appointments and arranging transportation when you’re not available. They can even set up automated medication reminders to keep Mom or Dad on track, freeing you up to talk about more interesting things when you call or visit.

Connection is Crucial

One of the hardest parts of getting older is losing close relationships and connections with others. This can happen gradually, as friends move away or former colleagues lose touch, or it can happen quickly, as with the death of a spouse. If your parents are less able to get around on their own, they may become isolated, which can have serious mental health implications. Up to 13.5% of older adults suffer from depression, according to the CDC.

Fellowship Connected Living powered by Livindi helps you stay connected to your parents, no matter how far away you are. The 10-inch screen makes it simple for them to reach out whenever they want to talk; they simply touch the image of you or their other contacts to launch a video call. The easy-to-use interface allows your whole family to stay in the loop about their care. And when you’re not chatting, three sensors track movement and alert you to any unusual changes in the home or your loved one’s behavior, so you can step in with extra support when needed.

Content for Active Minds

Loneliness isn’t the only emotional challenge for aging adults. As they spend more time at home, boredom can become a real problem. Fortunately, Fellowship Connected Living powered by Livindi offers users a wide range of new and interesting content. An extensive library of video content is at their fingertips, so your parents will never be stuck without anything to do at home.

Fellowship Connected Living content does more than just entertain. A recent study shows that gaining new skills, including learning how to use an iPad, can boost memory and processing speed in older adults. The key is to stay active and engaged in learning something new. And no matter what your loved ones are interested in, they’re sure to find something in the content library.

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