Combination lock on self storage unit

With the onset of one of the hottest seller’s markets in recent history, many seniors have been experiencing what kids call FOMO, which translates to Fear Of Missing Out. In this case, it means fear of missing out on a home-selling windfall and following their dream of moving into senior living.

With experts predicting it will take a while for home prices to scale back, who wouldn’t want to put up a For Sale sign immediately and cash in? If you’ve been thinking about making the move to senior living, you already have some idea of just how worth it the move will be. There are numerous lifestyle advantages to be gained, from having your choice of several maintenance-free living options to the security of being part of a Life Plan Community.

Two Words to Remember: Self-Storage

Let’s assume for a moment that you decide to pull the switch and put your home up for sale so you can move to senior living. Have you considered what you’ll do if it sells fast and the new owners ask for a short closing? If that thought leaves you with a case of downsizing paralysis, we’re here to tell you that downsizing is doable, and we can help you do it like a boss by taking advantage of a storage unit.

People of all ages rely on self-storage for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps they need to turn a bedroom into an office but don’t want to sell Grandma’s bureau and bed frame. Or they don’t have the closet space to stash holiday decorations.

For seniors looking to move to senior living, a storage unit can solve three challenges:

  1. It can be used to temporarily house beloved items or heirlooms, small or large that you may not be ready to part with or plan to take with you but prefer to store elsewhere.
  2. It’s perfect for buying extra time to decide whether to sell, donate, or give away items to family members, which may require discussion and research.
  3. It’s a big help when you’re staging your home to sell and need to “lighten up” each room, e.g., fewer books in the bookcases, less out-of-season clothes in the closets, etc.

In and around Basking Ridge, NJ, storage facilities are plentiful, and the monthly costs are reasonable. That said, it’s still important to exercise due diligence when choosing a self-storage company. For starters, make a list of units close to where you live, and then check online verified reviews to see what others have to say about their experiences at each place. Next, ask friends and family for suggestions.

As you explore your options, here are 6 features to look for that will make using self-storage a better experience for you and for your valuable belongings:

  1. Accessibility Confirm the facility offers 24-hour accessibility to your unit and that they’re open seven days a week. Surprisingly, some aren’t open on weekends.
  2. Security Check to see whether the facility has 24-hour video monitoring, is gated (meaning you need a code to enter the grounds), and if it has plenty of outdoor and indoor lighting. In-person surveillance is optimal.
  3. Temperature Control If you’re storing belongings and valuables in your storage unit, ensure that the facility is climate-controlled, i.e., heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.
  4. Size Options Quality facilities have a variety of unit sizes to choose from; you shouldn’t have to pay for a large unit if all you need is a space to store holiday decorations and Grandmother’s china.
  5. Clean and Dry Pay close attention to hallways and the units you’re shown. Do you see mouse droppings, crawling things, mousetraps? What about damp floors? If so, your cherished belongings will be more susceptible to damage.
  6. Pricing Options Be sure to inquire about discounts and specials, and confirm all the details of your contract so there are no surprises. In this case, it’s extra important to read the fine print and ask questions.

One more piece of advice: While you may be tempted to rely on family cars to transport items when you move to senior living, it’s probably worth it to rent a small truck or van for this purpose. They’re inexpensive and easy to drive, and you’d hate for anyone’s vehicle to sustain a scratch or tear simply because someone was trying to help you out. Also, by all means, don’t break your back moving heavy things yourself. Ask a few younger, stronger neighbors or grandkids to join in the move, or even hire a professional moving company. The last thing you want to do is end up with a pulled muscle or worse right before you make your big move to the best chapter of your life!

Welcome to Our Great Life

You’re all set to make the best move of your life, and we have just the senior living community you want! Fellowship Village is considered a premier choice for retirement living in Basking Ridge, and we’d like to show you all the reasons why.

We invite you to explore our Independent Living floor plans, and also be sure to sign up for our Fellowship Ahead program to ensure your place on the wait list and also get more moving and downsizing advice. 

As a Fellowship Ahead member, you’ll also be invited to events and have your own sales counselor to answer your questions! We look forward to helping you become part of Fellowship Village. Once you get a taste of the carefree life in our community, you’ll wonder why you waited at all!