What Is Assisted Living Like Fellowship Village

The benefits of assisted living from a family member’s perspective – a daughter’s testimonial

Susan Putman knows the value of assisted living at Fellowship Village. She knows, because she’s seen the positive difference it’s made in her mother’s life – and in her own.

Susan’s mother originally moved to Fellowship Village as an independent living resident. But a sudden change in her mother’s health sent her to the hospital.

“When she got out of the hospital, “ Susan said, “she had to spend some time in sub-acute” rehabilitative care at Fellowship Village. “The community was amazing, from a support side, to our family and to my mom. The team members knew when she was going to move to sub-acute. They had the bed ready in sub-acute, and told me every single thing I needed to do or did not need to do.”

Knowing her mother would be taken care of, without the stress of Susan making decisions on her own during her mother’s health crisis, was of immeasurable comfort for Susan. “Priceless, actually,” she said.

Susan also felt that she was an important member of her mother’s care team, thanks to Fellowship’s collaborative approach.

“When we were in sub-acute, the whole goal was to get her back, either to assisted [living] or back to the independent side,” Susan said. “The whole team of people helped us make that decision when we were leaving sub-acute as to where she should go.”

With her mother’s health improving, Susan hoped that her mother would return to playing piano, a hobby she had enjoyed for many years. But arthritis pain in her mother’s hands prevented her from reaching an octave. Her mother resigned herself to the possibility she would never play again.

The music program at Fellowship Village changed all that.

“We finally got her back on the piano after she heard of this music program,” Susan said. “The first time she played, I cried, because I was just so happy to have that back being a part of her life.”

Watch the full testimonial video of Susan and her mother, and discover more about assisted living at Fellowship Village. If you’d like to learn how we can make a positive difference in the life of someone you love, contact us.