What keeps you up at night? Judging by a recent Pew Research Center study, it’s likely to be the rapidly rising cost of living. Seven in 10 Americans say inflation is the biggest problem we face in the nation today, followed by high healthcare costs and violent crime. As a senior, you’re in the privileged position to protect yourself from all three. Making the decision to join Fellowship Village’s independent living community can stabilize your expenses while keeping you safe and healthy. How? As a resident, home-maintenance services, 24-hour security and our wellness program and healthcare services are at your fingertips. Need more reasons to join us? Here are four reasons it’s a smart move to make now.

Avoid Through-the-Roof Home Repair Bills

Even before inflation kicked in, New Jersey ranked as the state with the highest home-maintenance costs in the country. The most recent study conducted by Porch.com estimates that keeping up the average home in the Garden State could mean an annual bill of more than $18,000, and the figure may be higher for older properties. In addition, this year’s supply-chain problems have bumped up the cost of materials for repairs, while higher fuel prices mean handymen and gardeners may increase their fees to cover their costs. But the problem isn’t only financial. Money.com reports homeowners are experiencing long wait times to have essential work done because of the current labor shortage. This is particularly worrying for seniors, since delaying repairs can lead to decreased safety in the home. Worse, you might even be tempted to get on a ladder to attempt the job yourself at the risk of a devastating fall. On the other hand, Fellowship Village independent living residents don’t face these challenges. We take care of your interior and exterior maintenance and lawn care.

Stay Safe and Secure

Of course, accidents can happen even in the most immaculately kept home. At Fellowship Village, an emergency response system in each residence provides peace of mind. One call and help is there when you need it. In the longer term, who would you call if you needed help with cooking, bathing, or dressing following an injury or during an illness? This can be a particular concern for single seniors who don’t have children to rely on. Not only does your maintenance fee include regular housekeeping services, Fellowship gives you easy access to additional home support and on-site healthcare and rehabilitation when you need them. A close-knit network of friendly neighbors and staff, including round-the-clock security, makes residents feel supported and protected.

Prioritize Wellness for Optimal Health

From a nutritious diet and regular exercise to emotional well-being and social interaction, maintaining wellness is essential for good health. While Medicare doesn’t cover gym memberships or exercise classes, our BRAVO Wellness program makes it easy to maintain optimal fitness with personal training, group and video sessions to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. Plus, you’ll benefit from a state-of-the-art mind/body wellness center with a spa, indoor pool, and the latest fitness equipment that’s scheduled to open in 2023. You can further enhance your vitality by enjoying delicious meals created with local, sustainable ingredients at our chef-driven restaurants. And if you should need it, having a medical center on your doorstep adds even more peace of mind.

Protect Your Family

Even if you’re financially comfortable and not significantly impacted by inflation, taking action now can protect your loved ones should you need more assistance later in life. Nearly 42 million people in the US care for a family member or friend over 50, according to a 2020 AARP Research report. Almost half of those caregivers suffer at least one financial disadvantage as a result, such as an inability to save or paying an average of $7,000 for out-of-pocket expenses. When you decide to make the move to a life plan community (also known as a continuing care retirement community), you’re not only taking control of your own future, but also protecting your kids from having to make difficult decisions and the possibility of a substantial financial impact.

If the current financial volatility has inspired you to consider joining our vibrant independent living community, call us at 908-580-3840 for more information or to schedule a tour of our beautiful homes. Not only will you enjoy an active, maintenance-free lifestyle, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making things easier and more affordable for yourself and your loved ones no matter what’s on the horizon.