A senior woman uses an exercise ball during physical therapy at home

Medical professionals often recommend therapy and rehabilitation to help individuals with a variety of medical issues. Whether you’re recovering from a recent injury, surgery or chronic illness, rehab is a great option for helping you regain your independence as quickly as possible.

However, traveling to and from a therapy facility isn’t always a viable option. Therapy at Home is a beneficial alternative that many people don’t even realize is available. Fellowship Senior Living provides residents in communities in and around Basking Ridge, NJ, with professional rehabilitation services in the comfort of their home — including physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Benefits of Therapy at Home From Fellowship Senior Living

If your goal is to get back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible, at-home therapy can provide a short- or long-term solution. Our licensed therapists will come directly to your residence and bring everything you need for your rehab session.

Just some of the additional benefits of at-home therapy from Fellowship includes:

  1. Convenience – Never worry about coordinating rides with a loved one or having to commute to and from a facility in adverse weather. Our trained therapists come directly to you when it’s most convenient for your schedule.
  2. Energy Conservation – When you’re recovering from an injury or illness, the last thing you need to do is expend energy on climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, or navigating waiting rooms. In-home therapy allows you to conserve energy for when you need it most.
  3. Encouraging and Supportive – Many of our Therapy at Home clients benefit from the socialization and interaction with our trained therapists. The familiarity provides a level of comfort you might not get at a facility.
  4. Protection from COVID-19 – During times of uncertainty, it might be best to keep your distance from people you don’t know well. By choosing Therapy at Home, you avoid sharing equipment or sharing spaces with strangers.
  5. Full Therapy Sessions – Being able to do therapy sessions at home allows you to practice skills in a real-world environment that is realistic and practical.

Home-based therapies have been proven to be physically, emotionally and spiritually motivating for patients in all stages of recovery. The comfort provided by being at home makes it easier to focus on the goals of regaining strength and independence.

At Fellowship Senior Living, our Therapy at Home services are designed to keep you motivated and engaged by steadily progressing toward personal health and wellness goals.

Focus on Your Independence with Help from Fellowship Senior Living

Fellowship Senior Living provides residents in communities surrounding Basking Ridge, NJ, with professional, supportive at-home services. Our Therapy at Home programming is designed for short- or long-term rehabilitation from injuries, surgeries or illnesses. Our goal is to improve your overall level of wellness. Just make an appointment with one of our licensed therapists and learn more about our offerings. Find out if our in-home care services are right for you.