There’s a reason we call Fellowship Senior Living a family community: it feels like one. Team members and leadership care and support residents, members, patients and each other. Which is why team member recognition and celebrations are so important.

We give Team Member of the Month, Team Members of the Quarter, Team Member of the Year, Shining Star awards, and special rewards and celebrations—to show our appreciation to all those team members who embody the true Fellowship Spirit. Perhaps most significant is the fact that the residents themselves sponsor our annual team member picnic and give a special gift to our team members each year to show the appreciation we all feel for them.

Recognizing our wonderful team members

Here are some recent recipients of Fellowship Senior Living team member recognition:

Team Member of the Month

February 2022 – Angela Barkley, Helping Hands


Team Member of the Quarter 

February 2022

Narinder Singh, Health Center

Joanne Dadd, Rehab & Wellness

Jessica Lieberman, Rehab & Wellness

Lisa Golej, Rehab & Wellness

Oscar Perez, Plant Operations

Marquis Sturdivant, Plant Operations

Bernadette Gonzalez, Marketing

Patricia Sheridan, Helping Hands

Andremene Nicholas, Helping Hands

Jennifer Kerwin, Finance


2019 Honors:

Rookie of the Year

Michelle Vinueza, Finance

Heart of the House

Patricia Sheridan, Helping Hands

Stellar Story of the Year

Max Jourdain, Culinary & Catering

MVP of the Year

Rich Mercado, Culinary & Catering

Team Member of the Year

Kevin Flatt, Plant Ops

Team Member of the Quarter

Awarded in October:

Mavis Christmas

Michell Kankam

Nahomie Filsaime

Velda Pierre

Ruth Conwell

Jazmin Rivas

Yudelka Hidalgo

Gairy Walters




Explanation of Awards

Rookie of the Year – awarded to the individual who has joined the team within the last 18 months and excelled in performance

Stellar Story of the Year – awarded to the individual whose action(s) most exemplify the attitudes, behaviors, standards and commitments of Fellowship Spirit

Team member of the Month – Residents, Clients, Members, and supervisors/dept heads rate team members on customer service, team spirit, and going above and beyond. Team Member with the most votes is selected.

Team Member of the Quarter – 10 team members with the highest scores in the quarter are selected.

Team Member of the Year – selected from the 12 team members awarded as team member of the month during the prior 12 months.

MVP of the Year – awarded to the most outstanding team member on a supervisory or department head level.

Heart of the House Annual Award – awarded to the individual who provides exemplary support to their department team and whose contributions made the most significant impact to meeting the team goals