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Virtual Event with Dr. Sheppell: Addressing Myths Surrounding the Covid-19 Vaccine

The first vaccine to fight Covid-19 has been approved for emergency use. The speed at which the vaccine was developed…

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The Impressionists: Imagining The Modern

The Impressionists: Imagining The Modern tells the compelling story of how this beloved art movement was born and why it…

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Learn The Benefits Of Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

Begin a lasting exercise program, and learn how exercise can keep you feeling young. Presented by Carole Claussen, CPT, CES,…

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The History Of Musicals

An overview of how this art form developed. Presented by John Kenrick

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Fellowship Freedom Plans Informational Webinar

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by the comforts of home, especially now. Spending time with your family, playing games with friends,…

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Claude Monet: Obsessed With The Natural World

Indisputably, Claude Monet is one of the most recognizable and celebrated figures in art history. This talk will tell you…

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