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Personal Training

Whether your personal training sessions have been placed on hold due to the pandemic or you feel your exercise program could use the expertise of one of our trainers, on campus one-on-one training and virtual training are available to provide specific programming for strength, balance and flexibility.

Virtual Personal Training

You will be guided and coached through comprehensive exercise routines designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Facetime or Zoom will be used for these one-on-one sessions.

Virtual Yoga & Meditation

One-on-one yoga or meditation sessions are available through Facetime or Zoom. Each session is designed to increase flexibility, promote better sleep and increase a sense of calm. Meditation has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety and allow for a greater sense of well being.

On Campus Personal Training

Our certified fitness trainers will customize a program to provide clients with a wellness plan suited to their individual needs and goals allowing them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal health.

**All participants are required to fill out and send in the registration forms in order to participate in the virtual or on campus personal training

Registration Forms

You can mail the registration forms to:

Carole Clausen

8000 Fellowship Rd.

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

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